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Selkirk, NY Trucks For Heavy Construction Equipment

At Finke Equipment our fleet of trucks and specialized trailers are standing by to help you get equipment to your site when you need it.  Not only do we move our rental equipment but can help move your machines too.  We have a variety of different trailers depending on your needs. From concrete barrier, to bridge beams, excavators, loaders, and mills we have the equipment, and experienced drivers to get the job done. We can also perform route surveys, provide certified escorts, and pole cars.

  • Step decks, and standard high flat beds
  • Extendable high flat beds
  • Extendable tank trailer
  • 55 and 60 ton standard lowboys
  • 55 and 60 ton drop-side lowboys
  • 65 ton beam trailer

We also have 4 heavy-duty rollbacks for smaller equipment, and to get in areas that can’t be accessed

with a lowboy.

Our trucking is billed hourly, portal to portal with tolls, and permits billed separate.

Please feel free to call us with any questions regarding trucking.

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